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The Quebec Film and Television Council Launches a Study on Virtual and Augmented Reality for the Audiovisual Sector in Quebec

Montreal, November 9, 2015 

Pierre Moreau, Managing Director and National Commissioner of the QFTC, is pleased to announce a new study planned on virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR).

The development of the study is in response to numerous thematic meetings held by the Council in recent months on this engaging subject. Once again Quebec stands at the forefront of innovation in this field, due to the audacity and inventiveness of its entrepreneurs.

“Our question is simple: can we implement a VR/AR centre in Quebec with the potential to attract significant investment and thereby stimulate economic growth in the sector, growth that will result in the creation of new jobs? This project would aim to unify the industry as these new technologies find their way and be applied in various forms, specifically in the fields of special effects, animation and video games. It goes without saying that such a centre of excellence would only enhance the already exceptional offer that Quebec has established. We have a filming infrastructure that meets the most demanding international standards and a unique visual effects ecosystem, with regards to both its scope of resources and the quality of its many achievements,” stated Pierre Moreau.

The study will be conducted by the ELEVADO Media and directed by René Bourdages. Based in Los Angeles, ELEVADO Media specializes in financing for the audiovisual and entertainment sectors. The QFTC chose René Bourdages for his comprehensive knowledge of the subject, his understanding of the specific issues related to Quebec and his ability to bring together and involve virtual reality experts from Quebec and around the world to carry out the study.

“This new technology has seen a dramatic increase worldwide in the last twelve months.  We believe that the VR/AR industry can be a major business opportunity for Quebec,” said Moreau.

The results of the study should be released in spring 2016.


About the QFTC

The Quebec Film and Television Council (QFTC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the development of Quebec’s competitiveness as a world-class film and television production centre.


As an economic development agency, its mission is also to generate new investments in Quebec by relying on competitive tax incentive programs, the know-how of the industry’s stakeholders, the diversity of our architecture, the quality of our infrastructures and our ability to export film and TV products abroad.

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