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The QFTC Launches a New Program for Talent in the Visual Effects and Animation Industry

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Montreal, March 24, 2022 – The Quebec Film and Television Council (QFTC) is thrilled to welcome the City of Montreal’s decision to support the “VFX/Animation: For an Inclusive and Innovative Recovery” initiative, which the QFTC will implement over a two-year period. This program aims to develop talent in the visual effects and animation sector and is the direct follow-up to the QFTC’s Release Your Creativity program, which over 3,000 people in the industry took advantage of between 2019 and 2021.

For over 10 years, the visual effects and animation sectors have expanded dramatically, with an average annual growth rate of 33%. In 2021, these sectors generated a record 951 million dollars in economic benefits. Whether it be Marvel, Stranger Things, Dune, Maria Chapdelaine or SpongeBob SquarePants, today, Quebec artists and studios contribute to most major domestic and foreign audiovisual productions and their talent is recognized worldwide. This sector now boasts over 6,000 workers and is expected to recruit another 2,000 in the coming months alone.

The QFTC’s program will support the growth of the visual effects and animation sector mainly through two training initiatives focusing on inclusion and innovation, which will be launched this spring:

  • Inclusive leadership training, to promote equity and well-being for employees in the industry;
  • Training in real-time production in collaboration with the school NAD-UQAC to facilitate the adoption of this new technology, which is quickly being deployed across the entire audiovisual sector.

In addition, the QFTC is renewing three of its existing programs that aim to promote workplace well-being and inclusion and to welcome the next generation to the industry:

  • Two new versions of the mentoring program for visual effects and animation graduates;
  • A second season of the mental health series “Reignite Yourself”;
  • A new program for the 3D Fall Series, a series of workshops on Diversity and inclusion, Dialogue and employee Development.

“Thanks to the support of the City of Montreal and our partner studios, we are pleased to be able to implement all of these initiatives aiming to support our province’s visual effects and animation talent. The remarkable growth this industry has experienced in 10 years contributes to Montreal’s reputation as a major digital creativity hub. That’s why it’s essential to allow industry talent to continue to develop in the best possible conditions,” affirmed Christine Maestracci, CEO of the QFTC.

This project has been made possible through the support of the Montreal studios Caribara, Cinesite, DNEG, Hybride, Framestore, Reel FX, Rodeo FX and Technicolor (through its brands Mikros and MPC).

“Via its program, Agir pour les talents, launched in 2021, the City of Montreal took action to act as a catalyst for collaborative initiatives that meet stringent needs for upskilling and enhancing employability. A training program in inclusive leadership and remote team management will contribute to enhancing the skills of professionals across the visual effects industry, an important focus area of Montréal`s economic development strategy. The collaboration between the City, the Quebec Film and Television Council and its partners is essential in bridging skills and  employment  gaps  and therefore for accélérating growth and value creation",  mentioned the elected official responsible for economic and commercial development, knowledge, innovation and design, Member of the executive council of the City of Montreal, as well as the mayor of the borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal,  Luc Rabouin.