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Position to be filled: Deputy Film Commissioner of the Quebec Film and Television Council

Job summary 

Under the authority of the Managing Director, the Deputy Film Commissioner represents and is responsible for business development at the national and international levels for the purpose of attracting business opportunities to Quebec that are likely to create wealth, the exploitation of our assets and the promotion of our talents abroad.

The Deputy Film Commissioner has specific knowledge of the US market for both movies and TV series produced by studios (Majors) as well as for audiovisual projects initiated by independent producers. The Deputy Film Commissioner must also have a good knowledge of OTT markets.

In collaboration with local and regional bodies, he is also responsible for activities relating to reception, information and support for foreign productions.   
His role and areas of expertise are as follows: business development to attract to Quebec foreign productions, international co-productions and other business opportunities.
Challenges and responsibilities   

  • Represent the Council at the national, American and international levels; 
  • Generate foreign investment in the so-called sectors of expertise; 
  • Establish and ensure the presence of the QFTC in international markets; 
  • Promote the competitiveness of Quebec in the context of international competition;
  • In collaboration with QFTC management, establish and implement actions conducive to the development of the activity sectors for which he is responsible; 
  • In collaboration with the marketing department, see to the creation and development of appropriate promotional tools.  
  • Effective management of budgetary allocations associated with his function – detailed reports of events according to the criteria of the Financial Controller.
  • Education: College and/or university in a field related to the employment.  
  • A minimum of 12 years of experience as a direct seller at the national and international level
  • Thorough knowledge of the audiovisual sector ''from script to set'' 
  •  Knowledge of trades related to visual effects and animation
  •  Excellent mastery of spoken and written English and French
 Skills and Abilities  
  • Autonomous and able to deliver results in the short, medium and long term;   
  • Recognized skills in sales and negotiation; 
  • Excellent interpersonal communication, excellent in 1:1 interactions; 
  • Ability to quickly build trust with a high-end clientele; 
  • Able to quickly identify the needs of his clients;
  • Ability to Influence decision-makers and the ability to adapt to various protocols.    
General information  
Framework and environment related to the mandate of this position:   

The Board of Directors of the QFTC is representative of several sectors of the industry. QFTC financing comes from public and private sources, and the organization needs to be administered according to a mode of unifying, consensual and associative management to achieve itsobjectives. 

The Deputy Film Commissioner must be able to carry out the complex operations of international canvassing with a maximum of autonomy.  

Type of employment: permanent 

Compensation:  according to QFTC policy 

Place of work:  Montreal

Equality in employment: position open to all without discrimination. The use of the masculine is solely to lighten the text. 

Please send your resume and covering letter by email before July 27 to the following address: Info@bctq.ca or by mail to the attention of: 
Mr. Pierre Moreau, Managing Director, Quebec Film and Television Council, 204, rue Saint-Sacrement, Suite 500, Montreal (Quebec), H2Y 1W8