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Astonishment & Disappointment. QFTC reacts to the Godbout Report

Montréal, March 23rd 2015 - It is with stupefaction and astonishment that the QFTC learned of the Godbout Report’s recommendations with regard to sectors of the cultural industry.

We of course welcome the fact that the commission recognizes that the tax credit program plays an essential role in supporting the entire cultural sector.

However, we deplore the commission’s recommendation regarding the service tax incentives, the implementation of an admissible salary cap & the end of reimbursement of tax incentives for larger businesses. The QFTC strongly believes that theses unproductive measures will simply eliminate Québec’s competitiveness from a national and international market perspective.  From a pure economical point of view, this is a very negative message to send to any potential investors in our ecosystem.

The application of the above recommendations would also threaten thousands of highly skilled and permanent jobs in Québec.  QFTC takes this opportunity to remind the commission that a significant part of the audiovisual ecosystem is currently on an exceptional growth path and that foreign companies have played an important role throughout this steady ecosystem expansion process.

These devastating recommendations are not comprehensive… and totally in the opposite direction of what the QFTC has just demonstrated in its latest publication* underlining the numerous economic advantages of keeping the audiovisual ecosystem in good health.

The QFTC would like to remind that the tax incentive program has already been lowered by 20% in June 2014.  Many key actors of the industry we represent have since then clearly demonstrated the non-productive impact of this decision.

We certainly hope at this point that our report and recommendations will have a better reception and understanding by the Québec Government in its upcoming budget.  The QFTC remains convinced that tax incentive programs in the audiovisual industry are an investment that benefits the entire Québec society.

*KPMG-SECOR Report - March 2015 - The Audiovisual Production Industry:  Provide value, raising our assets and promote our talent here and abroad. 

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Source :                                       Québec Film and Television Council

Information :                                 Andrée Gendron
                                                     Communications Manager
                                                     Québec Film and Television Council
                                                     (514) 499-7070, ext. 230