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Privacy policy

The QFTC will decide whether individuals' or companies' properties or facilities are prospective filming locations. All the photos of suitable filming locations as well as pertinent information about them are presented in the QFTC's photo bank. These photos and associated information are not intended for sale. They therefore cannot be sold to a third party for display in a public showcase. They are sent to film and television industry representatives to assist them in their search for prospective filming locations. Although some of these photos may appear on certain public pages of this Web site, the associated information is subject to the privacy policy established by the QFTC to meet industry standards.

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Filming policy

If a representative from the film or television industry would like to meet with you or visit your property or business, you have a right to know the person's:

  • Title: Location manager, Production manager, Director, Producer
  • Affiliation: Member of an association or the QFTC
  • Employer: The production company they work for and contact information
  • Name of the project for which they are looking for a suitable filming location
  • Description of the project: Genre of film, summary of the story, filming date, specific equipment requirements on your property

Prospective filming locations

Certain details that may seem insignificant may be important when searching for prospective filming locations. In the eyes of the Location manager, a combination of factors may make the difference between two locations. To meet the needs of all kinds of projects, the photo library contains a great variety of prospective filming locations. Therefore, please remember to specify:

  • The state of the locations: occupied, unoccupied, depreciated, in ruin
  • Environment, physical environment, social environment
  • Style, architectural features
  • Other characteristics

Photographic specifications

Unless otherwise indicated, the photos in the QFTC's photo library are the property of the QFTC. The photos provided by corporate partners or individuals remain their property. Since the photos are not intended for sale, the QFTC will not pay for the photos to be included in its photo library. However, photo credits will be given to photos that are not the QFTC's property.

Whether in digital or printed form, sent by mail, on CD-ROM or attached to an e-mail, the photos that you send us must observe certain minimum standards:

  • Filming: at ground level, general view and back view, interiors, exteriors
  • A few panoramic views: use a sequence of shots that overlap slightly; it is not necessary to merge them (stitching)
  • High-definition photos