Legal info


These photos are only a sample of locations for use in film projects in the entire province of Québec. This diverse selection presents locations that are representative of each of Québec’s 17 administrative regions.
The Québec Film and Television Council (QFTC) has compiled a photo and information bank, intended for film and television representatives, on prospective locations for use in film projects. This page presents some samples. While the QFTC regularly updates the above-mentioned information, it is subject to change and possible that the actual information does not correspond to the information conveyed or reported in the photo library. The QFTC does not guarantee, under any circumstances, the accuracy and validity of the information.


The QFCT will decide whether individuals’ or companies’ properties or facilities are prospective filming locations. All the photos of suitable filming locations as well as pertinent information about them are presented in the QFTC’s photo bank. These photos and associated information are not intended for sale. They therefore cannot be sold to a third party for display in a public showcase. They are sent to film and television industry representatives to assist them in their search for prospective filming locations. Although some of these photos may appear on certain public pages of this Web site, the associated information is subject to the privacy policy established by the QFTC to meet industry standards.


Unless otherwise indicated, the photos in the QFTC’s photo library are the property of the QFTC. The photos provided by corporate partners or individuals remain their property. Since the photos are not intended for sale, the QFTC will not pay for the photos to be included in its photo library. However, photo credits will be given to photos that are not the QFTC’s property.