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Why Quebec ?

  • Québec is renowned throughout the world for its highly qualified, talented, creative, outstanding workforce, largely due to its $ 1G annual local production volume.

  • Being the largest province/state in North America offers a wide diversity of landscapes and scenery, and the old Montréal and Quebec City, the two oldest living cities in North America, make it possible to shoot films in a variety of settings: urban or pastoral, modern or historical, North American, European, etc.

  • Québec’s infrastructure and state-of-the-art resources make it possible to produce large-scale studio based productions that require 30,000+ square feet of green-screen sound stages.

  • With over 40 visual effects companies, Montréal is one of the largest post-production hubs in the world and the 7th Visual Effects Society (VES) Section

  • Because of Québec’s famous “creative innovation” factor which producers and directors look for such as Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory, Autodesk, etc.

  • Also because the reputation of Quebecers is that they are warm, welcoming, tolerant and respectful.