To get to the QFTC

To find out where our offices are located, consult this map.

Touring information

Road maps
This lets you view extracts, by tourist region, of the Québec Official Road Map (2008 edition), which is a digital map prepared by the Ministère des Transports. Printer-ready maps are in Acrobat Reader PDF format.
Important! You must deactivate the Pop-up Blocker function of your Internet browser. All you have to do is select a region in the pull-down menu or click on the map to zoom in on a given region.
Road distances
This link allows you to calculate the distances between different towns in Québec. There is a short delay to access the database.

Road information
Road works
Traffic Webcams

Thematic maps

This is an interactive mapping application, which incorporates navigational and visualization tools that have various functions and provide an overview of the region according to specific themes:
  • landscape
  • hydrography
  • land use
  • administrative subdivisions
  • recreational and protected areas
  • villages and towns
  • development of natural resources
To view the thematic maps, click here.