Tax incentives


The rate of the tax credit for film dubbing is 35%. The cap on the consideration received for the execution of a film dubbing contract is 50%. 

Broadening of eligible dubbing services

For eligible productions, the following two services now constitute eligible dubbing services:

  • the audition, i.e., the test session intended to establish the dubbing cast
  • the preparation of texts, i.e., the work relating to computer-assisted detection (including the preparation and formatting of the original text according to the standards of the software used) and the preparation of markers, verification and the correction of adapted texts.
SODEC administers the Dubbing Tax credit program from any language project to French language. The Tax credit is offered to the local dubbing companies. These Discounts allow the beneficiaries (Dubbing companies) to offer lower prices for their services.



Dubbing program for Television

The Canada Media Fund administers the $1.5 Million Dubbing Fund. To be eligible, the production must be a CANADA MEDIA FUND financed project.

Furthermore, the dubbing of an entire TV Series pilot may be funded for sale in French territories.
Dubbing program for Feature Film
Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF) is a dedicated program to support the versioning of Canadian feature films for theatrical and television release.

There is no application deadline. Complete applications are assessed as they are received. However, applicants seeking financing assistance within the current fiscal year (April 1st- March 31st) must submit a complete application prior to December 15.
Guidelines are available at :