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Our Services

Services to foreign producers

The Quebec Film and Television Council (QFTC) is your one stop shop when it comes to filming anywhere in Quebec. 
We offer a full range of services from helping you find the right locations to putting you in touch with key people here in Quebec. 
We understand that getting the correct information right from the beginning is key, and we do everything possible to make sure you have all you need to make the most informed decisions.
Here is the list of the services the QFTC has to offer:
  • Single point of service for foreign producers, considerably facilitating your efforts from pre-production to post-production.
  • Script breakdowns to determine appropriate shooting locations.
  • On-line digital location packages.
  • Scouting of potential shooting locations.
  • Coordination of visits to identified shooting locations, and post-production and VFX houses.
  • Rapid and concise tax incentive information with supporting documentation.
  • Arranging contacts for your production with human resources (unions, etc.), technical resources (suppliers, etc.) and regulatory resources (issuing permits, etc.)
  • Great deals on hotels and accommodations for you and your crew through our members list.

Services to QFTC's members

Being a member of the QFTC will allow you to:

  • Appear in the Quebec Film Sourcebook, an electronic directory, a tool consulted by professionals in the audiovisual sector here and abroad;
  • Consolidate your positioning on international markets by having the opportunity to participate in our trade missions, by having access to networking activities and cocktails, and by benefiting from a 10% discount on the cost of registering for an annual mission;
  • Increase your influence in local and international markets by being registered on the QFTC reference lists and on the QFTC website;
  • Discover new film locations accessible throughout Quebec thanks to the unlimited use of the National Digital Photo Library, which has more than 6,700 locations and nearly 120,000 photos;
  • Contribute to the development of your industry by having the opportunity to get involved in sector and strategic committees, as well as research and innovation projects;
  • Benefit from the QFTC's strategic and competitive intelligence and be the first to receive insider information. Receive the first studies that highlight the issues and new economic realities of the industry;
  • Support the QFTC in its economic and development mission for Quebec;